Using Limestone in High-End Masonry Projects to Give Newport Coast, CA, Outdoor Spaces a Contemporary Look

The obsession with limestone among modern contractors and homeowners stems from its application in architectural masterpieces going back thousands of years. Ancient monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Colosseum of ancient Rome were built using limestone masonry. More recently, historical buildings such as the White House, and the Empire State Building were made using this timeless and universal material. Limestone is also the perfect material for anyone looking to achieve a luxurious look and add a sense of permanence to their modern or contemporary design in Newport Coast, CA. Here are some ideas for implementing this enduring stone in upscale landscapes:

An Elegant Limestone Patio 

Using Limestone in High-End Masonry Projects to Give Newport Coast, CA, Outdoor Spaces a Contemporary Look

Paving a patio with limestone results in an area with a beautiful, spacious feel that is fit for resorts and high-end luxury homes. Each limestone piece offers natural variation and subtle gradations of color. This gorgeous natural stone is suitable for a variety of contemporary styles and can add interest to minimalist themes with its subtly textured surface. 


The biggest concerns homeowners are faced with when it comes to limestone are staining and moisture-related issues. This is often caused by either the limestone piece itself, in the case of a poor quality stone being used, or as a result of an improper installation process. Although limestone is a reliable natural stone, if installed by an unskilled contractor, flaws in the construction process will soon make themselves apparent. Protective surface treatments are also an option for ensuring long-term durability of this natural stone.

DL Hickman and Sons Inc. have master-level knowledge of masonry and construction techniques and bring with them years of experience in crafting magnificent patios. We take full responsibility for the outcome of your project and are dedicated to craftsmanship of the highest standard. 

Sleek Limestone Steps and Walkways

Contemporary landscapes are often characterized by neutral, monochromatic color schemes that give them a relaxed, subtle atmosphere. Limestone is the ideal natural stone for contributing to this sort of understated color scheme and overall mood. Limestone offers a streamlined look, simple forms, clean lines and a fine grain that is right at home in a contemporary design. Steps and walkways are connective elements in the backyard, and often serve to marry the hardscape with the softscape. Using limestone for these elements can help to create a gentle transition between outdoor spaces. 


Limestone Walls and Vertical Features

Add pure elegance and structure to the backyard with limestone walls or arches. These features can be used to add a sense of historical character to a contemporary design, or simply to add verticality and dimension to the area.

Limestone permanent seating is an excellent option for introducing this stunning natural stone into your design with a functional feature. In addition, limestone’s fine grain and gentle surface makes it a comfortable option for coping as well. 

At DL Hickman and Sons Inc., we bring limestone’s stunning simplicity to life with in-depth construction knowledge, an eye for detail, and a solid history of working with this particular natural stone.