Types of Masonry for Gorgeous Pool Decks in Laguna Beach, CA

There are various types of masonry materials that can be used to construct stunning, yet sturdy, pool decks. Masonry is still one of the most enduring forms of construction out there, and is relied upon by countless designers, contractors and homeowners, for the creation of surfaces that will withstand the test of time. Here are three types of masonry that can be used to construct pool decks and poolside patios of superb quality in Laguna Beach, CA. 

Brick masonry

Brick masonry is renowned for its classic look and feel. Despite its characteristic warmth and vintage flair, it is completely compatible with modern hardscapes. In fact, incorporating brick masonry into a contemporary hardscape can serve to create variations in color and texture that enhance the visual impact of the design.The rich clay colors of brick can also serve to create striking contrasts against the cool blue hues of pool water and any surrounding greenery. 


Bricks are wonderfully versatile and varied, and range from burnt clay bricks to concrete bricks. Each can have different effects on the aesthetic of the hardscape. In addition, they can be treated with a number of finishes that improve the wear-resistance and enhance their appearance. There are also various patterns in which bricks can be arranged, while interlocking patterns can even enhance the structural strength of the surface. Bricks are generally very durable and are able to bear heavy loads, making them compatible with high-traffic areas. Homeowners often opt for brick masonry in order to complement the architecture of their home and create visual flow throughout their property. 

Concrete masonry

Concrete pavers offer the luxury of choice, as they can be manufactured in a near-endless array of shapes, sizes, shades and textures. From sleek slate-gray pavers to rich, earthy pavers with captivating textures, such a vast selection of concrete pavers provides every homeowner with the perfect combination of pavers for their hardscape. It is, therefore, easier to find concrete pavers that complement the architecture of a home, as opposed to exploring different types of brick. In fact, concrete pavers can even be treated to mimic the shades and textures of brick and stone, offering a highly durable and easily obtainable alternative to these materials. 


Natural stone masonry

Types of Masonry for Gorgeous Pool Decks in Laguna Beach, CA

Real stone bears the kind of timeless beauty that can be incorporated into any hardscape design without appearing out of place. The stone utilized in modern masonry can be as refined as the hardscape design requires it to be. Undressed, or unrefined, stone showcases irregular shapes and rugged edges, while dressed stone is more uniform. Utilizing undressed stone in the construction of a pool deck can result in a surface that appears to have manifested over centuries of natural sedimentation and erosion. Dressed stone, on the other hand, can serve as a stunning addition to a modern hardscape that doesn’t create too harsh a transition in texture. Despite opting for a more uniform collection of stones, each authentic stone will bear its own unique variations in color and character. Granite, marble and smooth limestone are all excellent candidates for sophisticated pool decks, with excellent resistance to sun damage and other weather conditions. Large stone slabs may be rather rigid, but can be reinforced by a professional contractor, should they be concerned about the load-bearing capacity of the stone.