Top 4 Construction Tips for Breathtaking Infinity Pools in Orange County, CA

An infinity pool is quite ingenious—a pool where the edge vanishes is both a stunning and fun addition to any landscape design! While the infinity pool was once considered a rare luxury, it has gained popularity and more homeowners are choosing this type of pool over the traditional. As swimming pools are a mainstay in Orange County, CA, here are some top construction tips to suggest for a breathtaking infinity pool:

Consider Positioning

The ultimate infinity pool captures the best view, whether it creates a sense of a continuing landscape or a blending with the ocean. It arrests the eye and creates the illusion of never-ending water. Establishing the sight line and evaluating the surrounding terrain are critical feats in the development of constructing a true infinity pool. Suggest making the most of a nearby cliff or some other high sloping ground to create a seamless, dramatic blending into the horizon.

Make a Decision on the Basin Shape

One of the most common mistakes in infinity pool construction is not calculating an adequate basin shape and size. Consider how many people live at the home and the average size of their pool parties. Wind direction also impacts how big the basin should be. If the water blows over the basin, it can cause erosion on the slope supporting the pool; therefore, the basin must be large enough to catch the overflow even on windy days.


A good rule of thumb is for the basin to be as wide as the dam wall is tall. Property owners can have confidence that a custom pool builder, like D.L. Hickman & Son Inc., has the technology and expertise to construct this complex pool style.

Add a Heater

Although the climate of Orange County, CA, tends to be mild, a pool heater can keep the temperature comfortable all year. Since an infinity pool is typically not covered, suggest an oversize heater to compensate for evaporation. If the property owners are energy conscious, recommend a solar heating system or a high efficiency gas heater with low emissions. Electric heat pumps with high energy ratings are an efficient water heating system, as well.

Consider Eye-catching Add-ons

Top 4 Construction Tips for Breathtaking Infinity Pools in Orange County, CA

Lighting, in a single color or various colors, for an infinity pool can take it from elegant to extraordinary. Consider adding fire bowls at the edge of the pool to add nighttime drama to the outdoor scene. Or a tall wall with multiple waterfalls with lighting for the evening can bring both beauty and the calming sounds of water while the homeowners take relaxing swims.

The construction of an infinity pool raises other possibilities for when homeowners tire of swimming and want to enjoy their favorite water feature poolside. A custom outdoor fireplace is always a welcome addition, even in the summer—it brings warmth and ambiance to the pool area. And an inviting bar close by with built-in stools can upgrade the options for entertaining when swim time is over.


The infinity pool is a work of artistry that requires meticulous attention to construction details. Done well, it can be both aesthetically beautiful and a source of pleasure.