Landscape Construction Tips for Making the Best First Impression in Orange County, CA

A well-designed patio area or a newly crafted driveway can bring a warm, inviting energy to an Orange County, CA, property. But the process to getting to the end product is mighty involved, starting with the design and construction of the landscape all the way through to the final details. When everything comes together, the homeowner will have a landscape that leaves a lasting first impression on onlookers and visitors.

Focus on Quality Materials

The owners of the outdoor space are the first people landscape architects and contractors need to impress. The materials used to build steps, pathways, and driveways affect the life of the landscape and create a cohesive appearance.

At D.L. Hickman & Son Inc., we focus on project planning, material procurement, and heavy equipment work. The design lays the roadmap for what kind of materials will work best for any one particular project, and we can help you decide on what they should be. When it comes to the physical aspects of the job, we have worked on countless high-end projects by using materials from natural stone, to concrete pavers, porcelain, and more. We focus on bringing construction plans to life with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Factor in Functionality

Aesthetics are important but so is functionality. How homeowners and their guests will get around, from one outdoor room or section to the next, is a key aspect of a landscape construction project.

Landscape Construction Tips for Making the Best First Impression in Orange County, CA

Smartly constructed and perfectly placed walkways can make a difference for a creating a sense of harmony in the landscape. Retaining walls are great dividers and can be used to create structure in the outdoor space. They can also be strategically placed to lead the eye to the most important details of the landscape. Properly pairing plantings with hardscape elements can present an eye-catching design while also defining particular areas of the yard.

Create a Grand Entrance

Homeowners have a few seconds to make a good impression on visitors, and a grand entrance is a path to a warm welcome. From the flooring to the lighting and the colors, the home’s curb appeal can be enhanced with various accents through textures, patterns, and shapes. The choice of flooring materials could add or subtract from the home’s architecture. By adding safety and security, outdoor lighting will make the front entrance even more inviting.


Work with Quality Contractors

Creating a custom landscape the way landscape architects and owners of the home envision it is an art. For the landscape architects and general contractors who are involved, seeing the pavers go into place and watching homeowners experience the outdoor area the way they envisioned it is priceless. It is possible to achieve that satisfaction when two expert teams efficiently collaborate. The D.L. Hickman team brings expertise on the table and makes sure that each day we are a trusted and reliable landscape construction partner, from project concept to the final touches.

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