Landscape Construction Tips for Creating a Unique Swimming Pool in Orange County, CA

Swimming pools are a popular feature in Orange County, CA, so custom design details can be used to set the swimming pool apart from others in the area. Here are some landscape construction tips for creating a unique and elegant swimming pool and swimming pool area:

Add Some Heat

Pools combined with hot tubs give property owners more options for how and when the pool area is used. A sunken hot tub can make it appear as though it is seamlessly integrated into the pool. This offers a poolside with an eye-catching design and modern sleekness. Hot tubs offer spa-like relaxation and it can be wonderful to sink into one after a stressful day, during the cooler months, and of course, after a few laps of the pool. With this kind of setup, you can consider turning the area into a well-structured space for additional water features, and even add a fountain, or waterfall to the mix. This is a luxurious way to complement a pool and hot tub that can be used all year round.


Integrated Rooms

A pool doesn’t need to sit as a lone feature. Instead, the pool area can be integrated with another outdoor room. A patio, outdoor kitchen, or dining room leading out to the pool is visually appealing and can make the landscape design appear more streamline. Additionally, this can create invisible lines of division between hardscape areas of different functions, which can be great for helping keep the patio and pool deck organised for property owners in Orange County, CA, who love entertaining and socializing.

Landscape Construction Tips for Creating a Unique Swimming Pool in Orange County, CA

Quality Materials Make a Difference

Sometimes, the materials used will do the work of making the project unique and visually impressive. Consider limestone walls and vertical features around the pool area, for example. When limestone is used by skilled landscape contractors, such as D.L. Hickman & Son Inc., a stunning result is ensured. Our years of experience contribute to our effectiveness working with materials like natural stone, and with detail-oriented construction practices, we craft natural stone features of the highest quality to ensure outstanding results.


Outstanding Pool Decks

With pool decks, you can choose a number of materials that suit the look and feel you’re going for for your pool project. Natural stone, as mentioned before can be an excellent choice, or you can consider concrete pavers, or even porcelain. With concrete masonry, the choice of concrete pavers is almost endless. There are multiple colors, textures, and brands to choose from, ensuring a match for whatever design your project requires. One of the reasons for the popularity of concrete pavers and porcelain tiles is that they can imitate the texture and look of both natural stone and brick, so that the untrained eye couldn’t tell the difference. Porcelain can even be found in textures resembling timber. Whatever the material, a pool deck is an essential feature for adding character to a pool area, and as such, should be given the attention to detail that it deserves during the construction process. For this reason, let D.L. Hickman & Son Inc., help you with your distinctive swimming pool and pool deck project.