Landscape Construction Ideas for Backyard Entertainment Areas in Newport Beach, CA

When it comes to backyard projects, functionality meeting style is the ideal result. Being able to entertain at a Newport Beach, CA, property adds another big plus for homeowners pleased with the enhancements and improvements you’ve designed for them. To factor in the entertainment aspect of your next project, consider the following landscape construction ideas that could not only jump-start the social hours of the next homeowners you work with but wow them as well.

Outdoor Kitchens: A Culinary Win

Outdoor rooms are highly popular for backyards and provide the necessary entertainment opportunities for any Newport Beach homeowner. With the addition of an outdoor kitchen, you’ll be offering to take the culinary experience to a location outside of the usual, but it makes for a gathering spot where family and friends can truly enjoy each other’s company.

To help your clients envision the outdoor kitchen of their dreams, clue them in on the details. They could go state-of-the-art with stainless steel appliances, for a sleek, modern look. Grills, stovetops, pizza ovens, and double sinks can all be included, so pretty much anything that can be done indoors is also available outdoors. For smaller spaces, or if all the extras aren’t required, a kitchen island can be constructed instead so that homeowners have access to the basics. They can cook alongside their guests as they’re perched on bar stools. Consider the home’s overall aesthetic as you consider the pavers you’ll use for the kitchen and any vertical walls—you want the property owners to feel like they’re moving seamlessly between their interior to exterior spaces.

Lively Outdoor Dining Rooms

Like outdoor kitchens, an outdoor dining room can be an extension of a patio or act as a standalone area that leads to a pool, paver pathways, or other backyard element. Consider how a new dining area would create a lovely atmosphere for brunch, lunches, and dinners, with the opportunity for homeowners to constantly marvel at their landscape design. A pergola can be incorporated in the dining area like this as a design feature while also providing much-needed shade in the afternoon and subtle lighting in the evening. Consider LED downlights or strip lights on the pergola for a magical effect at night.


Fire Pits for Added Warmth

Landscape Construction Ideas for Backyard Entertainment Areas in Newport Beach, CA  

Fire pits are the quintessential gathering-spot necessity for any backyard bent on being entertainment central, and offer a multitude of outdoor entertainment ideas that property owners will love. Fire pits are great year-round, offering warmth after the sun sets and a source for easy grilling whenever homeowners feel the urge. They can also come in handy for a festive holiday get-together with carol singing and hot toddies for all to enjoy.


Water Features Tantalize

Rain curtains, ponds surrounded by natural stone, waterfalls, and fountains are just some of the water features that can add value to a backyard setting. As focal points, they can be conversation starters, and dependent on where they are located, they can become the main socialization area during gatherings.