How to Overcome Common In-Ground Pool Excavation Issues in San Clemente, CA

An in-ground pool is a valuable permanent feature that can improve the quality and overall look of a San Clemente, CA, landscape. However, without skilled landscape contractors like D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. getting stellar results may be out of the question. Here’s Hickman & Son Inc. can help you overcome common in-ground pool excavation issues:

Utility Lines

How to Overcome Common In-Ground Pool Excavation Issues in San Clemente, CA  

Conducting a thorough survey of the area and marking out utility lines can save a lot of trouble in the long-run. The underground network of plumbing features, gas lines, septic tanks, and more, can pose huge delays once excavation begins if these features have not been accounted for in the design of the swimming pool. For this reason, it’s important to know where the utility lines are located before the start of the dig. Information about utilities’ networks can be obtained by the construction company through local utility providers, however, unmarked utilities should also be considered a possibility.



The allure of an in-ground pool, especially in the San Clemente heat is undeniable. This could drive a homeowner to forego the usual legal channels in order to get excavation going. In other cases, a property owner can be simply unaware of the appropriate channels and permit requirements needed to add a feature like an inground pool to their property. For this to be avoided, a construction company with a working relationship with city and county governments should be employed so that the plans for the in-ground pool can be processed through the appropriate channels in a timely manner. Property owners who choose to ignore these channels may be found to be in violation of zoning laws with their local authorities and could be faced with hefty fines. As long as approval is granted and the necessary construction permits are received, the homeowner and other concerned parties are protected.

Soil Removal

Choosing an experienced landscape contractor ensures that the dirt taken from the pool excavation is loaded directly onto trucks and hauled away, so that unsightly mounds are not left on the property. An important part of this process, as well as the excavation process itself – as it will determine what equipment will be used to complete the process, and how -  is a thorough knowledge of the soil conditions. A reliable landscape contractor, such as D.L Hickman & Son Inc. will conduct a soil test to determine the soil’s ability to absorb moisture, and let property owners know if the ground they’re standing on will be able to maintain the structure they wish to install. Skilled D.L Hickman & Son Inc. contractors will also be able to bring it up to standard by reinforcing the soil or using other options to improve its construction quality.  


Get the Best Landscape Contractors for the Job

Hiring a high-quality landscape contractor firm is paramount in ensuring that issues that might arise with in-ground pool excavation are avoided or correctly handled. At D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. our professional, tested, and proven approach to this and other related tasks, have made us a leader in the San Clemente, CA landscape contractor business. Choosing amateur contractors, or contractors who will cut corners with your project, is a sure-fire way to experience long-term problems with an in-ground pool installation.