How Landscape Contractors Can Maximize a Home's Curb Appeal with an Exterior Makeover

Imagine looking at your next Laguna Beach, CA, home project as a potential buyer. Would you be attracted to the colors you see? Does it have an outdated landscape that could use some modernization? A house can have plenty of character, but if it lacks in curb appeal, it quickly loses any charm. Landscape contractors help maximize a home’s curb appeal and make it so beautiful on the outside that homeowners might even get offers from buyers when it’s not for sale. Here are some ideas for your next exterior makeover.

Expand the Front Yard’s Purpose

How Landscape Contractors Can Maximize a Home's Curb Appeal with an Exterior Makeover

A stylish new walkway, sophisticated driveway, or even a classic water feature could expand the home’s entranceway and transform how the overall front yard gets used. A front-yard expansion project could create an entire new ambiance for family gatherings, outdoor entertaining, and relaxing. Homeowners can confidently greet their visitors when they go out to meet them, and and they will get a lot more use out of their front landscape.

For homes that offer historical character, changing the facade with new material and colors could contribute to the home’s welcoming atmosphere. It takes a qualified team of landscape architects and landscape contractors to provide ideas that will work with a particular home. Our expert team at D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. can take into account what homeowners want now plus any considerations that they want to think through for future buyers.


Hardscape Replacement

A landscape contractor can help update the hardscape elements, which are one of the things that will make the most significant difference to any home’s curb appeal. Factor in what will makes a house attractive from a distance as well as up close. Curb-appeal landscaping should fulfill its ultimate role—to attract attention and encourage visitors to move forth while surrounded by a pleasant view. Perhaps it’s time for newly crafted pillars or low stone walls that lead the way to the entrance.

Blooming Front Yard

A lifeless front yard is not a pretty view to look at, and it will undoubtedly leave a wrong impression on visitors. A refreshed view of the softscape could be in order, with a fresh mix of multi-colored flowers and beds of beautiful perennials. Contractors can work with the overall landscape design to bring in appropriate plantings that complement new hardscape features, such as by softening the edges of walkway borders.


Work With the Existing Architecture

While the shape and size of the front yard matter, the architecture of the house is sometimes overlooked by homeowners when considering curb appeal. New siding, a fresh coat of paint, and other updates should give a new life to the front view of the home without taking away from its inherent character. Adding cedar doors, or topping a side porch with a pergola could give the house a welcoming vibe. If the house is seated on a slope, a veneer terrace with flagstone steps and walkways could serve as an attractive fence.