Giving Landscape Construction Projects a Boost with Stunning Architecture in Newport Beach, CA

Beautiful landscape design and great architecture go hand in hand. To create an exceptional backyard, you need gorgeous greenery and amazing hardscaping combined with outstanding design and construction. D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. has been working with architects in the Newport Beach, CA, area to create exceptional landscapes for over 50 years. Incorporate some of these stunning architecture ideas to elevate your next landscape construction project.

Infinity Pool

Giving Landscape Construction Projects a Boost with Stunning Architecture in Newport Beach, CA  

Few landscape elements are more striking than a vanishing edge pool—especially when it overlooks a beautiful view. Highlight a stunning vista by facing the overflow edge toward the view for an unobstructed sightline. This is an especially effective technique for taking advantage of a steep grade or a hillside landscape.
Extra architectural features such as in-water recliners and side tables will elevate a pool even further. Water features such as an elegant sheer descent waterfall will turn an ordinary pool into a relaxing oasis. Whatever upgrades you choose, we can turn your vision into a stunning, well-built poolscape.

Hot Tub

Of all the backyard upgrades, a hot tub offers maximum relaxation. A hot tub can be combined with a pool, creating a comprehensive water zone. Or it can be added as a stand-alone feature or even integrated into an outdoor room.
For a clean look, a sunken hot tub with submersed walls presents a sleek, unbroken water surface on a pool. Alternatively, a separate hot tub can be more private and create multiple areas for enjoying the water.


Create a Zen-like space by surrounding a hot tub with comfortable seating that encourages guests to sit and relax in or out of the tub. A pergola or cabana will help define the space and provide shelter from the elements. Add a fire feature to create warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

Custom Fire Features

The addition of a custom fire feature will make a backyard a favorite destination day and night. A fire feature transforms outdoor rooms into cozy gathering spots and offers warmth for nighttime dining or socializing.
From a classic fireplace to a casual fire pit or a modern fire table, a custom designed fire feature will suit any landscape design style.

Water Fountains

A water fountain can be incorporated alongside other water features or used as a standalone element. There are so many options for including a fountain in your landscape design. Adding a fountain to a flower bed will add movement and create vertical interest. Or bring the soothing sounds of moving water to a patio or seating area to mask neighborhood noises.
A fountain is also a unique way to bring an interesting architectural element to the front yard. A classic tiered fountain will create a dramatic focal point.


Mix Fire and Water

Water and fire are key elements of a great landscape that appeals to all the senses. Pair a custom fire feature with a beautiful fountain for the ultimate outdoor experience. There are few things more relaxing that sitting by a warm fire with the calming sounds of flowing water in the background.
You can achieve this calming effect by pairing fire and water features in the same area. Or we can also create custom combined water and fire features. A water feature with a fire tray incorporated offers the best of both worlds in one attractive element.