5 Ways Landscape Contractors Can Create a Blissful Backyard Retreat in Newport Beach, CA

Regardless of its size and current state, a backyard can be transformed into an outdoor oasis, perfect for homeowners to leave the world behind. Here are just a few ways in which qualified landscape contractors, such as D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. can bring peace and tranquility to backyard spaces in Newport Beach, CA:

5 Ways Landscape Contractors Can Create a Blissful Backyard Retreat in Newport Beach, CA

Setting up the right soundtrack

Sipping a cocktail under a few warm sunbeams is easily ruined by the sound of passing cars or noisy neighbours. A qualified landscaper will be able to drown out any unwanted noise by imbuing the area with a pleasant soundtrack. A waterfall or trickling stream, for example, can create the therapeutic sound of water droplets tapping against stone, or the energizing sound of cascading water. Birds can also be attracted to the landscape to harness their restorative song. Weatherproof speakers can be tucked into inconspicuous spots throughout the landscape, allowing music to permeate the outdoors and tailor its atmosphere to the homeowners’ tastes.


Creating plenty of shade

Painful sunburn and uncomfortable sweat are not conducive to rest and relaxation. Creating plenty of shade throughout the landscape will shelter it’s occupants from the harsh midday sun, keeping drinks chilled and skin happy. Large umbrellas or modern shade sails also tend to convey a carefree, resort-like aesthetic and can contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of a backyard getaway.

Adding ambience with outdoor lighting

Illuminating an outdoor escape can make it look and feel more inviting after dark. A well-lit patio can also be utilized after a particularly hard day, offering homeowners a well-deserved moment of peace and restoration. Imaginative landscape lighting, can include anything from floating pool globes to large chandeliers dangling overhead from the pergola. Any form of landscape lighting that enhances the desired atmosphere can be executed by a knowledgeable landscape contractor. Low-intensity lights are generally preferred for outdoor escapes, as a harsh glare is anything but relaxing.

Preserving privacy

It’s hard to sunbathe, meditate or complete a yoga class when you feel like you’re being watched. Privacy is absolutely essential in creating a backyard getaway that feels like a private slice of the planet. A qualified landscape contractor will be able to shield the area from neighbours and nearby roads using a variety of natural and mechanical means. Should the look and feel of tall walls not be desired, a barrier comprised of shrubs and trees can be created. Curtains draped along the edges of the pergola will not only create a cozy cavern, but can also give a backyard a resort-like look and feel. With perfect privacy comes fun opportunities like the installation of an outdoor shower.

Creating comfort

A backyard that embraces its occupants in a warm, cozy hug is perfectly suited to helping them unwind after a long day. A fire pit or fireplace surrounded by an arrangement of plush, comfortable armchairs can instantly make anyone feel at home and at ease. An outdoor kitchen offering the possibility of grilled burgers, steaks and other comfort food is also an excellent addition to any backyard retreat.