5 Residential Projects That Require Excavation in San Clemente, CA

In order to provide your client with the home and hardscape of their dreams in San Clemente, CA, you may need to recommend a few projects that require excavation. However, excavation does not always entail as much disruption as many people are led to believe. It can, in fact, be simply defined as any man-made cavity or depression made in the earth’s surface. Excavation encompasses a wide range of projects, from small home improvements to large-scale public works. Here are five home improvements that require the recruitment of a professional contractor for excavation:

Installing a Pool

It is only logical that excavation would be essential in the process of installing a pool. Before the concrete or fiberglass shell can be positioned, the depth customized, and the finishes selected—a large amount of dirt must be moved away. With the right equipment, an experienced contractor will be able to make quick work of preparing the shape of your client’s new pool. Should your design require the surrounding area to be level, the contractor will be able to add sand and gravel where needed.


Replacing a Septic System

5 Residential Projects That Require Excavation in San Clemente, CA

Septic system maintenance is absolutely essential to the health of any household. A neglected septic system can release organic matter into the landscape and cause the back-up of sewage into a homeowner’s bathrooms. This all results in a horrid odor and health hazard. In order to maintain and—eventually—replace the septic system, the chosen maintenance company will have to excavate the area in order to access the tank and pipes. Keep this in mind when engaging in the landscape design of the area surrounding the septic tank, as this section of earth is likely to be disturbed multiple times.

Building a New Structure

An additional garage can tidy a landscape beautifully by tucking away that car that always occupies the driveway. A storage shed can add character to a landscape and make it more spacious by providing a place to stash old outdoor furniture and tools. It can be decorated with trellises covered by climbing vines and shelves upon which to place pot plants. Constructing a garage, storage shed, or any structure of the same scale will require excavation. A contractor will need to be hired to clear enough space for construction.


Repairing Foundations

A large home must have its foundations checked over time to ensure that they remain in adequate condition. Factors that weaken the foundation of a home include soil erosion, earthquakes, and heavy storms. Even without the presence of these factors, homeowners should nevertheless have the foundations of their homes assessed periodically. Once any cracks have been identified, repairs are required to ensure that the structure will be able to withstand an unexpected amount of force. These repairs require excavation, so keep that in mind when designing the landscape immediately surrounding the home.

Installing Utilities

There are certain projects, such as the installation of plumbing lines, that leave the landscape cluttered with dirt. Excavation contractors are indispensable in disposing of this dirt safely and effectively. Keeping a site clean and free from piles of dirt can optimize efficiency, minimize hazards and help to ensure that deadlines are met.