5 Outstanding Masonry Ideas for Outdoor Dining Areas in San Clemente, CA

In a wonderfully moderate climate like San Clemente, CA, dining outside is a special pleasure. Throughout the year, your clients have more opportunities than most other parts of the country to enjoy barbequing with family and friends, or entertaining unexpected visitors. Transitional living, or indoor/outdoor living, is gaining in popularity, and for good reason! With so many clever designs for outdoor spaces, anything is possible. Here are five outstanding masonry ideas for you to suggest to your clients for their outdoor dining area:

Covered Porch

A covered porch aids the transition from easy indoor living to the great outdoors. A move from one part of the home to the next is easy, no matter what the weather presents, with a covered dining area. This can be a great option for homes with a rarely used deck or deck that is in need of repair. Excavating the deck area can open up possibilities for a covered porch addition that can serve both as a dining area and small outdoor living room. Offer a durable, beautiful slate floor in warm tones to create a long-term surface for entertaining, while a natural stone arch could bring the pizzazz.


Bar Area

A handsome natural stone bar makes entertaining easy and relaxed. With storage for glasses and a sink to rinse them, your clients can chat with guests while mixing drinks. Suggest a bar with a contrasting stone design to add interest and an extended ledge for comfortable stools. The right masonry can keep the bar casual and functional.

Low Retaining Wall

A low retaining wall built on one or more sides of an outdoor dining area can create additional seating for guests, a casual space to serve food or drinks, or a spot to add color with gorgeous flowers. Point out the added benefit of a more intimate feel and the privacy that a retaining wall can bring. You may even want to suggest lighted pillars that would add a warm ambiance to the outdoor dining area. Whether added to an existing outdoor hardscape or built along with a newly established dining area, a low stone retaining wall can offer just the place for eye-catching planters or softly glowing lanterns.


Rock Terrace

A rock terrace can be a simple area for informal cocktails or pizza with the family. Constructed to adjoin a screened porch or to be just a step away from the interior living room, a terrace is casual entertaining at its best! With comfortable furniture and tables for food, a terrace can create the perfect spot for enjoying the backyard view while the kids play, or a place to unwind at the end of the day. Recommend wide, deep stone steps to allow your client and their guests to enter this area of the yard with ease.

5 Outstanding Masonry Ideas for Outdoor Dining Areas in San Clemente, CA

Fire Feature

A fire feature is made for cool evenings and chilly late afternoons. Suggest adding a fire pit to an outdoor dining area so that your clients have a place to hang out after dinner winds down—even when the weather feels nippy. Lighting a fire during dinner adds cheerfulness and sophistication to the landscape, and encourages friends and family to stay for a while. Whether it is a smaller fire feature such as a round fire pit or a majestic two-sided stone fireplace, a fire feature can be used year-round.