4 Advantages of Using Retaining Walls in San Clemente, CA, Landscape Construction Projects

In San Clemente, CA, a retaining wall can give your landscape construction project the support it needs. Retaining walls not only offer support to the soil, but will help to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape as well. Here are four advantages you can expect from retaining walls:

Flood Control and Prevention of Soil Erosion

No matter the climate or the landscape’s particular features, soil erosion is always a risk. This is especially the case for properties that do not have trees or shrubs to secure the soil in place. Thus, in order to maintain the integrity of the land, most properties are ready candidates for a retaining wall system. Retaining walls not only prevent soil erosion and the resulting property damage, but can even prevent flooding, as well. This is particularly relevant when there are distinct gradient levels exist and retaining walls are used as reinforcement. These retaining walls prevent surface runoff from traveling as fast as it would without support, and therefore, prevents soil erosion. To prevent pooling and flooding, retaining walls can be equipped with drainage pipes or channels to ensure that water goes where you want it to go.

Structural Support

Small hills may require additional structural support in order to maintain the integrity of the land. The support offered by retaining walls is integral in the prevention of landslides and the resulting property damage. Some gradients, hills, or other land features, require a lot of structural support for which retaining walls are an invaluable asset.

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4 Advantages of Using Retaining Walls in San Clemente, CA, Landscape Construction Projects

Creation of Functional Space

The natural hills and gradients of a landscape may enhance the beauty of the property, but can, unfortunately, eat up a significant amount of usable space. Retaining walls can provide a solution. By using a series of retaining walls to create terraces, carve out space from a hillside, or rearrange the contours of a property, retaining walls provide additional functional space. Terraces not only provide more usable space for patios outdoor kitchens, they are also indispensable features of the landscape in and of themselves. Retaining walls can add visual interest and dynamism to the landscape. Additionally, retaining walls can highlight or frame other, already established features in the landscape, such as a pools or a patio. Thus, retaining walls can help to give a landscape a finished look.

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In addition to their variety of functions, retaining walls can add dimension and beauty to an already established landscape. There are a wide variety of materials, colors, tones, and designs available. With so many options, a landscape construction contractor can make sure that the retaining walls are functional and landscape enhancing. Whether the landscape has a modern, rustic, elegant, or charming look, there is a retaining wall that will not only save precious top soil and prevent flooding, but enhance the landscape’s aesthetics. The most common materials used for retaining walls are stone and concrete. These materials blend harmoniously with the natural features of a yard, and consequently create a more interesting, textured, and dynamic landscape.