Four Patio Construction Ideas for Luxurious Appeal in San Clemente, CA

A high-end patio construction is an investment that should match the homeowner’s lifestyle and increase the value of the property. Here are our top four picks for patio construction projects to complement the architecture of San Clemente, CA, homes:

Custom Contemporary In-Ground Pool Area with Natural Stone Pool Patio

Water features and pools can serve as stunning focal points for evening entertainment. With a number of different types of pools available, it’s essential to make the right choice with regards to which pool is best for the homeowner’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. In recent years, gunite has been stealing the spotlight. The construction of a gunite pool can take a significant amount time, but if properly constructed and lined with an attractive yet hardy finish, a gunite pool can last for ages while maintaining an impeccable structure. 

Four Patio Construction Ideas for Luxurious Appeal in San Clemente, CA

The poolside can be made to complement the pool and home with a combination of glass tile and natural stone. Travertine is a popular material for building high-end pool decks, offering a luxurious look and feel. However, for its hard-wearing capabilities and visual simplicity, granite is outstanding. This natural stone offers a modern look and exceptional durability. Sandstone is another natural stone option for poolside patios. Sandstone is reliable and ideal for creating a sunny atmosphere. 

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Expertly Crafted Natural Stone Patio Flooring and Stone Slab Steps

Natural stone offers infinite design possibilities, but bringing sophisticated design to life requires the touch of a skilled artisan and close attention to detail. Working with heavy natural stone slabs necessary for creating visually bold and physically stable patio steps is a challenging, step-by-step process that will require heavy lifting equipment, but if executed properly a natural stone patio complete with a flight natural stone slab steps will enhance the entire property. Working with our team to bring your natural stone patio design to life ensures that your project will receive the finest workmanship. As an example, with granite being one of the densest, heaviest natural stone variants, it must be installed on a completely level surface that has the strength to support its weight. If the subsoil is not completely level, the granite will start cracking soon after installation under its own load, detracting from its elegance. The sealing process of any natural stone materials is also a vital part of the process, particularly with stone like marble or travertine, which is susceptible to staining. To achieve truly luxurious appeal, allow D.L. Hickman & Son Inc to fulfill your masonry requirements. 

Custom Fire Pits

A one-of-a-kind backyard fire pit will bring warmth and style to any outdoor space, spicing up the visual flavor of the design. Fire pits are typically made out of natural stone, metal or concrete wall blocks, materials that offer a range of textures and finishes. Concrete and natural stone fire pits offer more versatile options, both in texture and color, and can be used to create true accent pieces for evening gatherings. 

Enchanting Pergola with Lighting 

Soft lighting adds a luxurious evening appeal and creates intimacy in outdoor areas. If properly installed, lighting will add stunning shades and highlight the textures of landscape elements and outdoor furniture. A professionally constructed pergola fitted with ambience-generating lighting will create a magical outdoor dining or entertainment area. 

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