5 Finishing Touches for Taking Any Laguna Beach Landscape Construction Project to the Next Level

When designing a Laguna Beach, CA landscape, the finishing touches can make all the difference. Quality finishes, beautiful greenery and expert craftsmanship will create a backyard retreat like no other. Elevate your next landscape construction project with these luxurious details and extra features.

Glass Tile

Glass tile will create a pool or spa that really stands out from the rest. Available in a variety of stunning colors, glass tile offers unlimited design possibilities. Create a big impact with custom designed patterns, mosaics and murals.

Glass tile is extremely durable, long lasting and can withstand heavy foot traffic. It works well in warm and cold climates, and is extremely water resistant. With proper installation, very little maintenance is required. Glass tile also holds its color well, so designs will remain striking for many years.  

Glass tiles add a beautiful iridescent effect to fountain walls and infinity pool vanishing edges. They will also add impact to an accent wall or patio floor. Accent colors and borders will also help highlight steps and edges to make them stand out for added safety.  

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Greenery is often completely removed during a large construction or renovation project. Adding large-scale plants and trees back into the landscape will create a more natural look. While small plants and flowers can be used to add color and texture, trees provide shade and help to protect users of the space from the elements. Specialty trees such as palm trees and olive trees can help to create a specific feeling to support a landscape theme.


5 Finishing Touches for Taking Any Laguna Beach CA Landscape Construction Project to the Next Level

Electronics will add an extra level of enjoyment to any landscape design. Create a beautiful ambiance for relaxing or entertaining with surround sound. Custom designed, all-weather sound systems with concealed speakers can provide an entire landscape with balanced listening levels.

Underwater speakers will bring a resort-like feel to a pool installation. This increasingly popular pool feature is easy to install during the construction stage and adds a new dimension to both exercising and entertaining.

No high-tech landscape would be complete without a TV. Creating a relaxing spot for outdoor viewing will allow your clients to host movie nights outside or viewing parties by the pool. Consider including screens in an outdoor living room and near the bar or outdoor kitchen so that both guests and hosts can see the action.


A well-designed lighting plan will completely transform a nighttime landscape. Lighting not only adds beauty and ambiance, it also increases safety and adds hours of enjoyment to outdoor spaces.

Landscape lighting should include task, accent and overall lighting for optimum results. Path lighting for walkways, step lights for stairs and lighting at entryways will help ensure safety. Accent lighting will highlight plants and architectural features, and overall lighting will help eliminate dark corners and shadows.

LED underwater lighting creates a beautiful effect and allows for nighttime swimming. Consider custom lighting features such as an elegant chandelier in an outdoor dining area to elevate the look of outdoor rooms.

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Glass Fencing

Beautiful, unobstructed views help to create a breathtaking landscape with real impact. Using transparent and unobtrusive materials in a design helps to create views that are enjoyed from all angles.

Glass fencing can help to protect a property from the elements and creates boundary lines while keeping views open. Frameless glass fencing is an excellent choice for creating a safe barrier around pools that allows homeowners to keep an eye on swimmers from outside the pool area.