Landscape Construction Ideas for Combining Glass Tile and Natural Stone in Dana Point

Why settle for one shade, texture or theme when you can create exciting combinations that set your landscape construction designs above the rest in Dana Point, CA? Combining different materials can go a long way in energizing your patio or poolside designs, and often conveys a sense of complexity and professionalism. Here are a few ways that some of the most beautiful landscaping materials - glass tile and natural stone - can be combined into a single design.

Natural stone for elegance and endurance

Natural stone refers to a wide range of naturally occurring rock that has been cut into various shapes and sizes in order to be used as a paver or veneer. These stones are wonderfully versatile and can complement a wide variety of aesthetics and designs. While granite has an unmistakably powerful appearance, travertine is more supple and luxurious. Regardless of the type and cut of the stone utilized, it should add the timeless, earthy beauty of authentic stone to the hardscape. Stone is highly sought after as a landscaping material and instantly boosts the resale value of any property. Fire pits and retaining walls can be veneered, while walkways and patio floors can be paved to showcase the unique beauty of the chosen stone

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The character and versatility of glass tile

Glass tiles can be used to create captivating mosaic artworks that add interest and color to the hardscape. From large murals and floor insets, to small, decorated stepping stones, there are various surfaces upon which to display a collection of glass tiles. Many homeowners who subscribe to the principles of feng shui, will create patterns using glass tiles and decorative pebbles in order to pour nourishing energy into their landscapes.  

A trend in poolscape design entails the use of glass tile on the inner surface of pools, for a luxurious and refined design. The bottom of the pool can be adorned with an eye-catching mosaic. An experienced contractor will use a specific type of epoxy grout to prevent water trickling into the gaps between tiles. Glass tiles can also be used to adorn the stepping stones that span a serene pond, for a one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis.

Try these exciting combinations

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One of the best settings in which to combine glass tiles and natural stone is the poolside. Consider creating a warm, textured poolside patio using a variation of natural stone like sandstone. Sandstone has lovely warm undertones that pair excellently with cool blue water and mimics the grain of sea sand beneath bare feet. The shell of your inground pool can be lined with glass tiles in a color of your choice. Deep blue hues may contribute towards a tropical design, while more translucent varieties can provide a modern look and feel. If a tropical aesthetic is what you’re after, consider incorporating plenty of spontaneous curves in the body of your pool and fill the surrounding space with lush vegetation.

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Consider creating stunning yet functional artworks, such as decorative retaining walls that double as seat walls. Covering the sides of the wall in a stunning mosaic can define it as a focal point of the hardscape and attract guests to that part of the backyard. A natural stone cap can be an excellent accent to a wall adorned with glass tiles, as it contributes a different color palette and set of textures to the structure.