How Landscape Contractors Add Value to Newport Beach Homes

With years of hard-won experience and a hands-on approach, successful landscape contractors like D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. provide architects a valuable partnership in realizing their architectural visions for Newport Beach, CA, homes. The value they bring to the table is not just in the fiscal worth of the final product, or the return on investment that the project adds to a home’s appraisal, but also in the attention to detail, aesthetic appeal, and durability of the project that continues to provide benefits year after year after year. Here are some of the things to look out for in a contractor when creating a landscape that will serve as a lasting legacy:

Experience working with a great diversity of materials

No two building materials behave the same way under the same conditions. As a matter of fact, even a single material can have some degree of variability from batch to batch. One piece of natural stone, for example, can vary greatly from another from the same quarry, simply because of the difference in depth at which they were quarried. Fortunately, with years of experience working with a great variety of materials, skilled contractors know how to best compensate for this variability and even use it to the advantage of the project as a whole.

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Skilled craftsmanship when it comes to hardscapes

How Landscape Contractors Add Value to Newport Beach CA Homes

This level of experience also translates into a refined process and meticulous craftsmanship during the construction phase of a project. After laying countless hardscapes, perfectionism becomes second nature and troubleshooting becomes instinctual. This is the sort of skilled masonry that is indispensable for any hardscaping project.

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A broad knowledge of softscapes

Likewise, having an in-depth understanding of topography, soil conditions, the climate of the area, and the requirements of specific plant species at your disposal can help to refine your softscape design and complement the architectural elements of the project. Ultimately, this results in an architectural development that is simultaneously impressive in its own right, and harmonious with the natural setting in which it has been placed.  

Familiarity with heavy equipment

Much of landscape construction consists of down-and-dirty excavation, as well as earth moving and removal. For this, some seriously heavy equipment is necessary. To ensure safety, efficiency, and minimal delays, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a highly trained team at the helm. As well as getting the most out of the construction process, D.L. Hickman & Son Inc. will ensure that the fundamentals of the project are taken care of with safe and effective excavation techniques.

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Tried and true installation and construction techniques

Landscape construction is a continuously evolving industry, with new techniques and methods constantly being developed and introduced. In order to remain competitive, landscape contractors must remain up-to-date and familiar with these methods, adopting what works best for their purposes. Again, this ensures safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in getting the project completed, and results in more durable and sustainable outcomes. All of this amounts to greater value in terms of the completed project, greater value for homeowners and architects making use of the service, and greater value for the property as a whole.