The Many Purposes of Landscape Excavation in San Clemente

Knowing which elements of a landscape design will require excavation is integral to planning and budgeting a landscape remodel. As excavation is a complex and hazardous task that should not be attempted without experience and expertize, any of the following projects will require the recruitment of a team who specializes in excavation. Excavation entails far more than hauling soil around, and includes careful site preparation and the operation of large, heavy equipment. Approach D.L. Hickman & Son Inc., a trusted excavation contractor, should you wish to include any of the following features in your San Clemente, CA, landscape designs in 2018.

An inground swimming pool

The Many Purposes of Landscape Excavation in San Clemente CA

An inground swimming pool is the epitome of summer entertainment. Not only is it a great attraction around which any barbecue or dinner party can revolve, it also serves multiple functions. A swimming pool facilitates exercise, fun games for the kids, and well-deserved relaxation after a long week. Swimming pools can also be integrated with spas to offer decadent resort-like luxury. However, the construction of any inground pool must begin with the removal of a lot of soil. Excavation at this scale can only be performed by experienced professionals that will avoid damaging tree roots, hitting utility lines, and making any number of rookie mistakes.

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Professional grading for a precise landscape layout

Grading refers to ensuring that a landscape has a level base, or very specific slope. Through professional grading, you can achieve excellent drainage within a landscape. Erosion and natural changes that occur over time will alter a landscape’s perfect slope, and will require the periodic recruitment of an excavation company in order to restore it to optimal shape. You may also desire a change in the layout of a landscape. This can also be achieved through grading.

A solid foundation for any hardscape

Before construction on a patio or any other hardscape structure can begin, the area will need to be excavated and a solid base constructed. This is the main determinant of the strength of any structure and is of utmost importance.

A multi-dimensional driveway

The construction - and sometimes the repair - of a driveway will require excavation. Constructing a driveway on an interesting slope can result in a show-stopping design. Large, flat expanses of pavers or stone can easily appear monotonous without additional dimension or detail added. A driveway is the introduction to a home, and should be as sophisticated and memorable in order to make the best impression possible. Entrust professional excavators with the realization of your driveway plans to ensure that it is completed properly and is able to withstand heavy and frequent vehicular traffic without compromising safety or structural stability.

Eye-catching flower beds

If a softscape design is rather ordinary and lacks intrigue, this might be the point you need to include the most. A softscape can be easily transformed through the creation of various elevated platforms upon which plants can arranged. Enclose the elevated platforms with retaining walls comprised of wonderfully textured stone or tumbled wall units for a romantic look. Consider grouping flowers of the same color on separate platforms for powerful visual impact.

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