Landscape Construction Ideas for Merging Softscape and Hardscape in Newport Coast

Traditional landscape design tends to create strict divisions between hardscaping and softscaping, pitting the two against each other. However, to make a Newport Coast, CA, landscape truly unique, a balanced design that merges the two is essential. Moreover, executing such a design requires a contractor capable of maintaining a high standard in order to tastefully blend the two together.

Accentuating a driveway with natural borders

Lining a driveway and walkways with plants is one way to give a yard a more balanced look. Not only will the natural colors and textures offset the hardness of concrete or stone, it will also open up a wide variety of aesthetic combinations to make a driveway appear more exciting. Planters are one easy way to achieve this, providing the option of moving them if necessary.

Shrubs can also work exceptionally well if a driveway or walkway happens to cut through the lawn, adding a vertical element to contrast the flatness of the hardscape. Trees can also be integrated into the design in this manner, and work especially well in larger landscape designs. However, care and precision is a must on the contractor’s part to ensure that sensitive roots are not damaged in the process of laying the bedding for a masonry feature or vice versa.


Using vines with a hardscape

Climbing and hanging vines are perhaps some of the easiest ways to amalgamate hardscaping with softscaping. Hanging vines work wonderfully with structures such as gazebos and pergolas, creating a curtain of greenery to counterbalance wood and metal. Climbing vines are even more useful and can be used to give retaining walls and home facades a more natural look as well. They can also be used to give traditional fences more substance, filling in the gaps between posts. Moreover, the wide variety of hues, and the option to add flowering vines, makes these a great option for creating a balanced and diverse landscape design.


Garden ponds

Garden ponds are one of the few elements in landscape design that can combine hardscaping and softscaping into one feature. Ponds can be bordered with rocks or even low walls to give them structure. Waterfalls or garden fountains can also be integrated into the design for some added theatre. More importantly, ponds open up a new dimension for softscaping, allowing for the addition of water based fauna and flora. Water lilies and ferns are highly popular aquatic plants and can be complemented with koi and goldfish. However, ensuring the proper design and implementation of a pond based on the specific climate makes it essential to allow an experienced contractor to execute the job.

Terraces and gardens

Landscape Construction Ideas for Merging Softscape and Hardscape in Newport Coast

Making an undulating landscape functional requires the proper use of well-designed retaining walls. These structures are essential for a safe landscape design and have a prominent presence. Moreover, terraces are prime spots for flower and vegetable gardens, giving them a prominent place in a landscape design while also neutralizing the wide expanse of stone wall. The wall can also provide a great platform for planters and can be easily covered in a climbing vine to make it meld into a landscape more naturally.