Why Landscape Architects are Partnering with Contractors in Laguna Beach

Why Landscape Architects are Partnering with Contractors in Laguna Beach

The range of services offered by landscape contractors is what makes them valuable to landscape architects and their clients. While landscape architects pin an idea to paper, contractors bring their plans to life. Here are some of the services you can expect from DL Hickman & Sons for the construction, renovation, and maintenance of stunning landscapes in Laguna Beach, CA.


Excavation refers to the process of removing and displacing earth and may be required to create pools, platforms, and terraces. While there are many different purposes for excavating sites, “cut and fill” excavation is most commonly required in residential landscapes. This type of excavation entails the removal of topsoil and earth to form cavities, and using this soil to create embankments and elevated areas. Grading utilizes this excavation technique to create level areas and specific slopes for construction and proper drainage. When space is limited, excavation may be carried out manually using picks, shovels, and wheelbarrows. However, large sites with large-scale excavations will require machinery such as bulldozers and backtractors.


Swimming pools and water features

Contractors can create in-ground pools perfect for practicing laps and hosting spectacular pool parties. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-liner pools are the most common types of inground pools, and each variety presents its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Fiberglass pools are manufactured elsewhere and delivered to the site in one piece. They are generally more flexible than concrete pools, but don’t offer the same freedom to create unique shapes. Fiberglass panel pools, however, are constructed on site and offer slightly more design flexibility.


Concrete pools are poured on site and can be created in any shape and size that the landscape is able to accomodate. It can also be finished using plaster, paint, and a variety of other coatings in a range of colors. Concrete pools are the most costly to install, however, and clients with tight budgets may have to opt for a fiberglass or vinyl-liner pool. Vinyl-liner pools consist of vertical panels fastened together on top of a concrete base. This skeleton is then lined with custom-made vinyl liner.

In-ground pools can be accessorized with diving boards, slides, specialized lighting, and water features. Water features can contribute the soothing sounds of running water to your poolside and can be constructed from natural stone to enhance their natural appeal.

Masonry retaining walls

Masonry refers to constructing structures using stone, brick, or concrete block. The most widely used stones include granite, limestone, sandstone, and marble. Landscape architects value masonry for its sheer scale, its texture, and color. Masonry structures also have a distinct look of permanence and belonging. In addition to its great aesthetic potential, masonry has the ability to resist heat and block out undesirable noise.

Entrust a contractor to construct reliable masonry retaining walls that separate different outdoor rooms to organize and streamline a patio. These retaining walls can be built with hollow interiors for the storage of delicate items like accent cushions and vases. Built with all the durability of concrete, or age-old natural stone, these walls will be guaranteed to withstand harsh weather and decades of wear-and-tear.