Landscape Construction Trends in Newport Coast to Follow this Fall

With fall reaching full flow, the time is ripe to give Newport Coast, CA, homes a makeover with an update to their landscape design. The landscaping business is seeing some strong trends heading into the winter with a high focus on functional and sustainable yards.


This year brought an increasing focus on climate change and the landscaping industry responded with more environmentally friendly designs and materials. Especially with hurricanes being a focal point this year, storm drainage and water control are of primary focus.

Permeable pavers for eco-friendly driveways and walkways throughout landscapes are a recurring theme. However, just using permeable pavers is a small part of the equation as the underlying bedding and aggregate layers play a vital role in rainwater retention. Designing each layer with the correct depth and materials is highly dependent on the type of soil, which is where the expertise of a landscape contractor comes into play. Ensuring the pavement is completely flat to prevent water puddles and recommending the installation of an under-soil drainage pipe in areas susceptible to flooding are vital steps requiring expertise and local knowledge.


Another trend has been incorporating more water conservative designs into landscape designs. Traditional irrigation systems using sprinklers are out, with drip irrigation gaining popularity, especially with organic vegetable gardens being another trend. Drip irrigation might be more environmentally friendly but it does involve a more thorough installation process with proper fitting of all parts of the system to avoid leaks in the future, as well as clean routing of above ground pipes to prevent them from becoming an eyesore.


Locally sourced materials and plants

Landscape Construction Trends in Newport Coast CA to Follow this Fall

Using local materials and plant types is also a recurrent theme this year. Homeowners are turning towards local forests and quarries to source wood and stone for their landscaping projects. This is in line with the overarching theme of sustainability, as locally sourced materials have a smaller carbon footprint thanks to lesser transportation requirements. Moreover, local greenhouses are seeing a boom in demand for indigenous plants.

Edible gardens

There is an increasing shift from growing glam plants to having functional plantations. Vegetable gardens are making a strong comeback as an increasing number of people become averse to the high use of insecticides and pesticides in commercially grown produce. Healthy vegetables also require proper irrigation, explaining the increasing popularity of drip irrigation this fall, as well as proper composting at regular intervals. Fruit trees are also becoming popular, adding a touch of color to gardens, making a promising replacement for the glam plants of yesteryear.

Fire Features

Small cozy patios and yards are gaining popularity with many people adding fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits in anticipation of the cooler season. Fire features, of course, are not just exceptional additions for the fall, but also serve as stunning focal points and functional elements throughout the year. Fireplaces, particularly, have found a central niche in landscape design, often providing a dominant architectural element for patios, outdoor kitchens, and even poolscapes.