Landscape Construction and Planting for a Drought Resistant Backyard

Landscape Construction and Planting for a Drought Resistant Backyard in Newport Beach CA

When you live in drought prone areas, the responsible and sensible approach to landscape design and development is to prepare it to survive a lack of water. The answer is not to pave the entire yard and add a few potted plants to resemble an outdoor space. Instead, with some smart choices, you can strategize to implement hardscape and softscape elements in a practical manner that makes the most of minimal water while also providing natural and appealing visual interest within your yard in Newport Beach, CA.

Container and Raised Bed Planting

Having a drought tolerant backyard space doesn’t mean that plants have no place; it simply means that creative and practical solutions need to come into play. An obvious way to conserve water and benefit plantings more with less is to decrease the amount of soil that needs to be saturated. Providing an intentionally raised bed, separated from the yard itself, as well as making use of containers, will allow the water to have maximum effect for plants that might require more water. With this setup if a drought situation were to occur, you will find it easier to maintain the health of your plantings by watering only the required areas with minimal water. From retaining wall plant beds to intricately decorated pots within the landscape, think creatively when it comes to inventive planting options.

Drought Tolerant Plant Choices and Planting Methods

The next step in adding plants to a drought tolerant backyard space is to choose the plants wisely and be smart about how and where they’re planted. This type of hardy, non-thirsty option can form the bulk of your plantings. Once you’ve chosen the types of plants to place within the landscape, group plants together according to maintenance needs as well as to create the desired depth of color, height, and texture. Plants with similar watering needs should be planted in the same area to be cared for at the same time. Provide the dual protections of shade and mulch to retain as much moisture in the soil as possible. In drought prone areas, evaporation is quick, and every bit of water counts. You might also prefer a cacti bed where water need not be an issue.


Incorporate Drama through Hardscape Pieces Rather Than Softscapes

In a drought tolerant landscape, interest may need to come from sources other than plantings. When planning to use water resources as wisely as possible, you can still incorporate a water feature. The trick to the design is to make sure that water is recycled within the feature and that evaporation is limited as much as possible by including shade.

Other possibilities include using pavers spaced in a pattern to create visual interest throughout the area. Statues and other hardscape focal points can also serve to keep the backyard interesting even when water isn’t available. Strategically placed boulders, rock gardens, and even a bench to stop and rest, allow the backyard to maintain a natural and interesting aesthetic without a multitude of plantings, all while avoiding a barren look.