Landscape Construction for Adding a Modern Flair to your Newport Coast Home

If you’re thinking of ways to refresh your current landscape and modern aesthetics appeal to your tastes and complement your existing architecture, consider incorporating these elements into your landscape for a modern flair. While the primary element of the style is minimalism, keeping a few other guidelines in mind will enhance the modernism of your Newport Coast, CA, landscape.

Paver Grid

Landscape Construction for Adding a Modern Flair to your Newport Coast, CA Home

One of the most common ways to add a modern touch to your landscape is to create a grid within the yard. This construction generally includes paver units spaced an equal distance from one another in a grid pattern with greenery in the open spaces. The materials chosen aren’t as important as the focus on lines, equal distances, and remaining true to the established pattern. Modern design is primarily in honor of geometric shapes and patterns, and this type of construction emphasizes these themes.


Container Gardening

Another element popular in modern landscaping is the use of containers for planting. This method prevents an abundance of plantings, which detracts from the minimalist goal. Instead, raised plant beds can be used to emphasize shape and texture. The plants chosen can also have a significant shape and stand out as remarkable. Using containers is also a practical decision since it allows you to include less hardy plants or those that require special accommodation, moving them when appropriate. Moreover, as your tastes or plans for your landscape evolve, you will be able to easily relocate the item.

Selective Contrasts

Be selective as you identify features to include in your modern landscape. Overwhelming the space with too many colors, shapes, or features will eliminate the modernism of the space. Instead, choose a few spaces within your landscape to highlight and include contrast in this area. Whether this contrast comes in the form of a pop of color, an unexpectedly textured planting, or another eye-catching feature is up to you. These choices can be used to highlight geometric and minimalist aesthetics as a result of the contrast.


Highlight Geometric Patterns

An issue that can’t be emphasized enough is the importance of geometry within your landscape for a modern look. As you decide on building materials, construction elements, and walkway designs, focus on straight lines and right angles. When you include round or curved shapes, do so as an emphasis of contrasts and do so sparingly. Remember to choose your pavers, vertical units, and other materials with geometry in mind.


Play with Texture

Modern design generally includes elements with a smooth texture, be it the structure of a patio, retaining wall, or fire pit. This provides maximum impact in areas where a contrasting texture is used to highlight a focal point or act as a subtle decorative embellishment. For instance, a coarsely textured throw pillow, cactus, or fire feature will provide some interesting contrast and highlight the sleek aesthetic of your modern design. Remember not to overdo the texture, thereby reducing the effect of stark contrast and the interesting details associated with textured materials.