Why Landscape Contractors Rely on Good Planning and Strong Design

Creating a truly magnificent outdoor living space requires careful planning and engineering, first and foremost. This is why landscape contractors will frequently depend on the expertise of architects and engineers in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible in bringing a design into its final stages. A master plan that factors in the expertise of a number of professionals is simply a better plan. With this in mind, let’s take a look behind the scenes of the planning process and why it’s so crucial for landscape contractors in Dana Point, CA.

Surveying the property

The first step to the planning process is a thorough knowledge of the site. The size and shape of the property is recorded, sun and wind patterns are studied and the soil conditions are analyzed. This information is used to determine the best positioning for structures and patios, the types of plants best suited to the landscape, and the optimal layout for the property.



Why Landscape Contractors Rely on Good Planning and Strong Design in Dana Point CA

The expertise of architects is invaluable to landscape contractors, particularly in the design and planning of outdoor structures and buildings. The architect, simply put, is the artistic visionary behind the design. As well as detailed blueprints that can be followed by the contractor, architects will frequently create 3D models of their design, whether physical or virtual, in order to test the aesthetics and functionality of the plan before it is constructed. This alone is an invaluable process for all parties involved in the construction process, including the homeowner, and allows an insight into the vision for the final project.

At DL Hickman & Son Inc. we believe in partnering with these experts to provide our clients with the best possible end result that remains in line with the client’s tastes, individual requirements and specific situation. Elements that are taken into consideration include architectural style, traffic flow, comfort, color harmony and space requirements. Also, an outdoor living space faces its own challenges such as the need for privacy and having shelter against the sun and wind. With strong architectural design, these issues can be resolved before the actual construction even begins.


When it comes to providing solutions to unique structural challenges, the help of an engineer is employed to ensure the strength and long lasting success of a project. These might include the development of reliable drainage, retaining walls or supporting structures specific to the project at hand. This is absolutely critical to the final strength and function of the project. With these technical issues taken care of, the contractor can then proceed to bring your landscape vision into reality.


With the planning and design set, contractors have a solid idea of the layout, structural requirements and aesthetic considerations necessary for the successful completion of the project. This means that they can focus on the craftsmanship needed for a flawless end result. The contractors take care of the heavy lifting; the excavation, the laying of foundations, the construction and dealing with the immediate challenges that may arise during this process. Finally, the masonry and final decorative touches needed to bring the design to life are added. All this depends upon a solid design and clear idea of the project set during the planning process.