How Can Excavation Improve Your Property in CA?

How can Excavation Improve Your Property in Orange County CA?

Excavation is the process of removing earth, trees, plants, and shrubs from certain areas in your Orange County, CA, property in order to facilitate construction or change the topography of property. There are many excavation services done by professionals that use specific machinery to complete the project. The length, type, and cost of the process depends on the state of your landscape and the work it needs. Here is why (and when) you should consider excavation on your property:

Create Stable, Even Ground

In order to fulfill the requirements of a backyard design, it is first necessary to make sure you are working with properly structured, even ground. Before you move to the next stage and start planting or building, it may be necessary to have the ground graded to an even level throughout. As well as creating a flat surface on which to transpose your landscape design, excavation can also be used to ensure that the ground is stable enough to support structures, or loose enough to allow for the growth of plants, trees and shrubs.

Correct Drainage and Erosion Issues

During this process, it is essential that the ground not be graded to an angle that is too flat or too steep. Land that is too flat may result in pooling and subsequent property damage unless proper drainage measures are put in place. Even worse, standing water has the potential to become a breeding ground for insects, including mosquitos. Land that is too steep can be subject to soil erosion and cause further property damage unless supporting structures are put in place. Both erosion and drainage issues can be prevented and corrected using excavation and proper grading.

Remove Obstacles to Further Development

Rocks, old root systems, buried structures and old, unused foundations can be an impediment to the development of your landscape. Fortunately these can be removed with the help of heavy excavation equipment and expert knowledge. For the environmentally conscious, the rocks excavated can even be repurposed as boulder features or rock arrangements for the new look of your landscape.

Prepare Space for Construction

As well as preparing the base for landscaping, excavation is also used for providing a stable foundation for construction work. Excavation is necessary for laying the foundations of decks, patios, walkways, and other elements, and is also necessary for setting the base for inground swimming pools and other below ground structures.

Many times, even though the land may seem flat and ready to be built upon, additional excavation is needed. By excavating below ground level, the land is prepared for pouring concrete or the laying of aggregate layers necessary for a strong and durable structure or surface.

Professional Assistance

For the proper excavation of land on your property, you’ll need the assistance of a company with the required expertise, licensing and insurance, as well as access to the specialized equipment required for the job. Contact the pros at DL Hickman & Son for help with your excavation needs.