Landscape Construction for Adding Privacy and Shade

Privacy is at premium as demand for outdoor living space grows. And it’s not only about prying eyes invading your Dana Point, CA, space. Privacy also includes securing the area against noise pollution from the outside world and providing an enclosed, intimate space without removing that sense of openness that comes with the outdoors. There are various landscape constructions that add privacy to a yard, including building perimeter fences and putting up perimeter plantings, stone walls, or yard structures. Let’s take a look at some of these methods and the effects that they can achieve.

Landscape Construction for Adding Privacy and Shade in Dana Point, CA

Plants for Privacy

Line plantings can provide round-the-year screening. In yards where space is tight, growing fast-growing columnar evergreens such as the Italian Cypress provides excellent privacy in blocking the line of sight.

A mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees, as well as shrubs, can be planted in larger yards to produce a more naturalistic look. Deciduous shade trees can even obscure a neighbor’s view from a second-story window or terrace. The canopy can be positioned over a deck or patio to provide privacy and shade during their grow season.

Mounting a Shade Cloth

You can change a ho-hum side yard into an inviting, protected destination by mounting a shade cloth to span the distance between the building and the property line. Hanging accents like a collection of lanterns, plants hanging from macramé hangers, or antique birdcages make the covered area feel more personal. Shade cloths can also encourage privacy in larger areas and can be angled in such a way as to block the line of sight from surrounding properties. These have the added advantage of providing shade and a pleasing ambient light as sunlight filters through the cloth. Stretched taut from post to post, shade cloths offer a sleek, modern look and an attractive visual element in and of themselves.

Placing Architectural Elements to Maximize Privacy

Large outdoor architectural elements such as outdoor fireplaces, decorative arches and even vertical water features can be placed in such a way that they block line of site from other properties, divide the area and create a comfortable, enclosed space. Done with finesse, these features promote a private environment while retaining the open character of your landscape.


Container Plant Beds for Deck Privacy

Deck privacy can be achieved using potted plants such that are positioned to create a green screen around a raised deck or seating area. Pots should be placed at higher levels on casters or made of lightweight materials so they can be easily moved for parties or deck repairs. Blending showy annuals with ornamental grasses, and shrubs that change leaf color in the fall, produces a long-lasting container display. Combine mixture of colors, foliage types, and textures.


Walls and Fences

Visual buffers may be temporarily installed for patios, pools, and playgrounds. Round-the-year screening can be achieved using solid fencing, retaining walls or low walls. These features are also ideal for sectioning a property into various parts of differing function. This alone can contribute to a more private backyard as well as a more interesting landscape.