Benefits of Using Brick Masonry in Dana Point Landscape Design

For far too many, brick has gone the way of the cassette tape. Once the standard, it has been replaced by other materials, and too many homeowners don’t even consider brick masonry as an option for their landscape. This rejection of a worthy, durable, and long-used material should be reconsidered. Incorporating brick masonry into your Dana Point, CA, landscape is a sustainable, practical, and beautiful option for landscaping constructions.

Long Life

Benefits of Using Brick Masonry in Dana Point Landscape Design

The most incredible fact about brick constructions is the sheer longevity of the materials. Experts state that brick, even with minimal maintenance, will be viable for 100 years. This level of longevity is unthinkable with many other construction options. When you want your landscape construction to be one and done while offering a classic aesthetic that stands the tests of time physically and aesthetically, brick is the way to go.

Natural Materials

Today’s world is wising up and going green, and this not-too-soon consideration of sustainability often extends to landscaping choices. Designing a brick construction is a sustainable option for several reasons, one of which is the fact that it’s made of natural materials and no toxins are released during manufacturing. Made from materials like clay and shale, brick offers a durability and naturalness that is a combination that is often difficult to find in foundational building materials.


Another homage to sustainability, the fact that brick is reusable is yet another argument for its use in your landscaping design. Because of its long life, the material can easily be salvaged and re-used for other purposes. While you may not choose to build with re-purposed brick, the fact that your construction will be able to be re-purposed when the time comes is a high point in favor of the use of brick.


Waste Not: Recycle

Brick is not only reusable; it’s also easy to recycle. In fact, you can choose to have your brick construction include recycled materials in both the brick as well as the mortar. Whether sustainable living is your goal or you simply prefer to do your part when possible, landscaping with brick is a conscientious decision.


For practical and safety reasons, brick is also an advantageous choice. The material has a high capacity for weight and pressure. Your driveway, walkway, patio space and vertical structures will be able to withstand substantial loads when brick is used.

Non-Slip and Non-Fade

A consideration of all landscaping pavers should be whether the material will be prone to slippage or fading. Brick offers the right amount of texture for comfortable barefoot walking while preventing slipping. Brick also holds color well, so you can count aesthetic longevity as a benefit as well as structural integrity.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Finally, choose brick for its aesthetic flexibility. Whether your home is a cottage, ranch style home, or mansion on the hill, brick acts as a complementary material for various design styles. Classic and strong, this material is an archetype of construction that speaks to those who value tradition. With a standard size, patterns are also easy to design, so you can customize constructions.