Landscape Construction That Takes Advantage of the Natural Lay of the Land

To turn your Newport Beach, CA landscape into a functional, state-of-the-art property using minimal excavation, the natural lay of the land can be used as a starting point. This gives you a chance to create a unique landscape by cleverly using the best aspects of natural formations as a base.

Professional Assistance and Regulations

There are many things to consider when starting a project of this type. The first is getting assistance from experienced professionals who will be able to help with the integration of manmade features. Another thing to check before starting the project is community regulations to make sure that you are allowed to build your landscape the way in which you desire. This, too, can be taken care of by a professional contractor.

Your landscape contractor will make a detailed study of the topography of the site. The detailed study helps the contractor understand the lay of the land, potential of the soil for supporting different types of plants and its structural capacity. Based on the study, you can create a concept that will maximize the use of the space available on the site while still maintaining natural features.

Following Contours

Laying walkways, low walls and retaining walls that follow the natural curves of the environment helps to highlight these characteristics and maintain its natural appearance. Retaining walls are also crucial for protection against soil erosion if the slope of these contours is significant. These will serve to keep dirt off the walkways and make for a safe and easily navigable space. This strategy can also help to break up a hilly landscape into layers that maintain the visual interest of the site’s natural characteristics. Be sure to connect these layers with walkways and steps to allow for easy passage through the landscape, flow of traffic and access for maintenance purposes for hillside plantings.


Decking is an excellent tool for ensuring that the natural lay of the land remains undisturbed. At ground level, decking requires significantly less surface area than a hardscaped patio, as a large foundation is unnecessary. Instead, the decking supports are sunk at the required intervals and leave most of the land beneath it untouched. This is ideal for conservation purposes, protecting delicate, naturally growing foliage, retaining the natural features of the property, or simply dealing with tricky topography.

Landscape Construction that takes Advantage of the Natural Lay of the Land on Newport Beach, CA

Creating Visual Interest

Creating visual interest on a property left largely to natural processes is relatively easy, as the interest is provided by natural features. Instead, placement of outdoor living areas to best take advantage of this should be done strategically. Recognize the best views and create intimate spots where visitors can enjoy some peace and quiet. Use the native plants to soften pathways and plant other areas to create an integrated appearance.


Natural Rock Formations

Natural rock formations are worth leaving in place for aesthetic purposes. Here you have an opportunity to showcase natural stone native to the area, tying your home in with the natural environment. These natural features can even be used to incorporate a waterfall or similar water feature into the design of your property.