Landscape Construction Solutions for Tricky Topography

Every yard will have some challenges presented by its unique topography. This fact of landscaping is a tried and true phenomenon to which professional landscapers in the San Clemente, CA area are well accustomed. The topographical features of the property can include issues such as soil erosion, rocky soil that requires specialized excavation, and drainage issues that require speedy attention.

Landscape Construction Solutions for Tricky Topography in the San Clemente, CA Area

Fortunately, landscaping construction provides a multitude of solutions. The trick to successful solutions is identifying the problem in the initial stages of creating a design plan rather than waiting until after the landscape remodel is complete to realize that the problem exists. From using natural stone features to hardy plant-life and creative expertise, professionals in the San Clemente area who are familiar with the local climate and land will be able to form a plan of action unique to your situation. Here are some common issues and practical solutions that can be employed by such experts.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Many homeowners fail to realize upon purchase that the land on the property is too flat to drain properly until first deluge. At this point, a solution can be costly and may already have wreaked havoc with structural elements within the landscape, so head it off at the pass. Professional landscapers can do spot evaluations, identify issues, and offer drainage solutions. Whether you need a simple French drain installed or a complete regrading of your property, make sure that you choose high quality professionals to perform the work, or you’ll be tackling further problems in the future.


Prepare for Dry Spells

Another issue with properties in the area may be an abundance of rocky land as well as dry soil. With the history of water problems in the area, homeowners should think of the future and prepare for drought. By embracing the use of natural stone and native species of plants, your yard can be transformed from a lawn into a natural work of beauty. There are a number of options available from which you can choose regarding both natural stone and plant species, so your landscape will be far from dull or sterile. From walking paths to sustainable water features, quartzite, bluestone, limestone, sandstone, travertine, granite, and marble stand ready to make your climate-appropriate yard absolutely stunning.

Head Off Erosion

Any property with a large slope is susceptible to soil erosion. This can be quite destructive over a period of time. As well as washing away nutrient rich topsoil, soil erosion can wreak havoc on plants and create the impression of an untended landscape.

One solution to this issue is to incorporate retaining wall systems along the contour of the slope. This feature can be constructed with a variety of materials, but your choice of natural stone or concrete should complement the rest of your yard and enhance the beauty of your property. Regardless of the slope, a retaining wall can resolve your issues, and the wall itself can be any height necessary. For those over 4 feet, expect to utilize the skills of an engineer. The veneer itself, being something of an artpiece, should be completed by an experienced stone mason.

Other options to deal with erosion include vegetative solutions. A combination of appropriate hardscape and softscape solutions are necessary investments in the future value of the property.