5 Popular Natural Stone Water Features

Whether you’re a Newport Coast homeowner looking to introduce the ambience of a water feature into your landscape design or a landscape architect looking for the perfect focal point for an outdoor area, these popular natural stone water features are sure to inspire.

Integrated poolside waterfall

5 Popular Natural Stone Water Features for Newport Coast

A cascade water feature or waterfall feature integrated into a swimming pool’s circulation system has a number of benefits, not least of which is that it’s an absolutely stunning addition to any swimming pool area and will transform the space into something straight out of a tropical paradise. The cascading water creates soothing white noise that also serves to cancel out less desirable artificial noise such as traffic, construction or noisy neighbors. Personal benefits aside, the crashing water can also help keep your swimming pool in top shape by aerating and filtering the water and limiting the growth of algae.

Polished stone trickle feature

Hard stone that is resistant to water weathering can make an excellent trickle water feature. Polished granite is a favorite for this kind of water feature and often takes the form of a large sphere. The surface of the sphere or other sculptural design is then brought to life with a thin, steady trickle of water that coats the surface, causing a shimmering effect that enhances the detailed surface of the polished stone. Although some ambient sound is created by these features, the primary advantage of these water features is their ability to add subtle dynamism and a mesmerizing shimmer to static areas of a landscape.

Outdoor water fountain

There are few landscape features as impressive as a large scale water fountain in a private residence. Whether the fountain is equipped with classical sculpture for an old world look or it relies on different colored lighting for a modern effect, a water fountain contributes both a soothing aural dimension, as well as jaw-dropping visuals to any landscape design. A water fountain offers an opportunity to showcase even less water hardy natural stone such as limestone and marble, as these visual elements will seldom come in contact with the water from the fountain itself.

Koi pond

The hobby of keeping koi fish has grown in popularity in the US and is now a well-known backyard hobby. This has not diminished the koi pond’s aesthetic, practical or sheer enjoyment value, however. The gentle beauty of koi combined with the rich beauty of natural stone arrangements around the pond, contribute to a whimsical and soothing backyard aesthetic. Koi are also effective at keeping down populations of flies and mosquitoes and make for educational easy to care for pets for kids.

Rock stream

As a more subdued option to a waterfall feature and a more lively option to a simple pond, a rock stream can be used to add a natural element to a landscape. A rock stream can extend from one side of a property to another, circle a central feature or area like a moat or simply add movement to a corner of the yard. Whatever the case, a rock stream is a gentle and pleasing feature that can be made to look as if it’s part of the natural environment if installed correctly.