4 Follow-up Practices of Great Landscape Contractors in the Newport Coast Area

A successfully completed landscaping project is a wonderful sight to behold, one that is bound to make any Newport Coast homeowner proud. A high quality contractor that properly follows up on their project can ensure that a new design remains looking pristine for many years to come. More importantly, following up on construction projects inspires confidence in customers and can produce years of business for both the contractors and the designers.

Giving the project a once over

4 Follow-up Practices of Great Landscape Contractors in the Newport Coast Area

A fairly obvious practice that any contractor worth their salt employs is to give the entire project a good look over to ensure that the final project upholds the strictest possible standards. The fit and finish of all elements should be checked alongside the owner to their satisfaction, with any imperfections addressed as soon as possible before concluding the contract. If clearing up the yard is part of the contract, it should be done to the owner’s satisfaction.


Offering follow up services

Once a project has been completed, maintaining it can be a hassle. Most landscaping contractors offer competitive follow up service packages to help homeowners keep their landscapes looking pristine. Plant care - including fertilizing, trimming, watering on a schedule, and general landscaping - are great follow up services to take advantage of, as the contractor will be well aware of the specific requirements of the plants used. For hardscaping, services such as applying sealant to walkways and driveways and taking care of any small cracks are also quite commonplace. Hiring the same contractor for follow up services has the advantage of them being well aware of the project and its nuances, allowing them to better cater to your yard’s specific needs.

Long term follow ups

A good contractor will check up on the customer and how satisfied they are with the project again after a few months. This can be important in building a relationship with a customer which can then yield returning business in the long run. Long term follow ups can also help to identify shortcomings in the project which can be rectified in future projects. In general, common checks include giving the plants a good look over and identifying any areas that require attention. For hardscaping, it is important to ensure there are no cracks and crevices in walkways and driveways.

Lastly, we come to the important point of proper stormwater management and irrigation, which can only be gauged in the long term or after heavy precipitation occurs. Be it a simple gradient or a more elaborate underground well or trough to route water into storm drains, stormwater control measures should all operate effectively and there should be no standing puddles for longer than 72 hours after precipitation.


Offering quality advice and keeping in touch

For homeowners who choose to maintain their landscapes on their own, offering honest advice to help them, especially regarding plant care, can yield a high level of confidence. Moreover, even calling and checking up with them after a few months, especially for projects with a warranty, can radically improve a customer’s perception about the work and the company.