Combining Modern Materials with Masonry in Dana Point

The timeless elegance of masonry has the potential to raise the class of any Dana Point, CA, home. Whether it's a stone patio, stacked walls, or a simple fire pit, masonry not only improves the aesthetics of a yard but is also one of the most durable methods of construction in any landscaper’s arsenal. The use of modern materials has radically improved the quality of masonry while reducing the cost, simultaneously making it more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Combining Modern Materials with Masonry in Dana Point, CA

Metal is an ideal candidate to integrate into any masonry design. Whether it is stacked walls or a fireplace with a large chimney, using reinforcing beams or hearth and chimney inlays behind the stacked stone or bricks can provide vital support to the structure, meaning that it requires less mortar and labor, thereby lowering the cost of construction too. Moreover, the end product will be far more durable than a standalone brick or stone structure, and keep your customers satisfied for years to come.


The discerning designer can also integrate the metal into the exterior design to create an interesting contrast between the classic design with the more modern material. This combination of metal and masonry is frequently seen in recent developments in architectural design and decor themes, namely Industrial, Modern, and Contemporary design styles.


A similar concept is applied to the workhorses of any landscaping project: walkways and driveways. These structures have to hold up to large stresses and stand up to the test of time without any issues. Excavation and variations in soil require a solid base to ensure that these stand up well without sinking. To alleviate this, contractors can incorporate modern landscaping materials such as geogrids and ecogrids. These easy to install, tough sheets of synthetic material can lower the excavation depth required for a solid base as well as reduce the amount of aggregate required to support the structure. They also improve resilience to high loads.


While metal provides both function and looks, geogrids provide purely functional value. We now come to a purely aesthetic modern material: glass (although it shows promise as a component of cement manufacturing). Glass is a material not common in most landscape designs due to its reputation for fragility. However, modern glass manufacturing caters to all manner of applications, including landscape design.

Glass can be easily integrated into fireplaces to contrast the traditional design with a more modern material, with the added perk of a glass windshield giving you a two-sided view of the flames. The material also complements more modern landscape features such as firetables, giving an unrestricted view of the flames.

Colored glass can be introduced into outdoor structures to act as a filter of natural light, altering the mood of the space. Outdoor kitchen countertops are also being increasingly manufactured with colored glass as a key ingredient, adding inexpensive bulk to the concrete slab while providing a unique and captivating sparkling surface. Recycling glass in this manner has a number of additional benefits, including reducing the amount of glass in landfills.