Landscape Construction for Adding Vertical Dimension to Newport Beach Homes

Vertical structures are an often neglected part of landscape design, which is surprising given their potential to really set your Newport Beach, CA, home’s landscape apart. They play an integral part in breaking the monotony of dull, flat landscaping and can make your yard feel fuller and more diverse. A variety of practical structures have the potential to create vertical dimension which is where the expertise of your contractor plays a major role.

Retaining Walls

While retaining walls have a reputation for being functional structures, the discerning landscape contractor can extend them to provide an aesthetic role too. They can be used to create terraces, reforming unworkable sloping land for raised plant and flower beds. Retaining walls can also double as seating walls with the proper use of capstones and a smoother surface finish.

A necessary part of raised structures is the correct use of steps. These low maintenance structures can emphasize the height difference while also being a practical addition to provide easy access to raised parts of your yard. Lighting can play an integral role with seating and steps, highlighting them at night for safer access as well as highlighting the variation in height.


Pillars can be wonderful additions to a patio for an added air of opulence. The wide variation in height can allow you to emphasize exactly how much vertical dimension you wish to add. They are also far more durable than traditional posts for structures, as a contractor has the freedom to vary the materials and the foundation depth to provide a stronger base for structures. This can prove to be especially important in seasons of strong winds. Pillars can also be added along short boundary walls, fences, or at entrances to break the tedium of a single height. Moreover, they can also serve a functional purpose by providing an easy mounting point for lighting to keep your yard usable at night.

Fire Tables and Fireplaces

Raised fire tables and fireplaces can be a natural addition to patios, not only providing warmth and light during colder nights but also a vertical element to your landscape. A high rising chimney can serve the dual function of dispersing smoke away from the occupants while also making the structure more dramatic. However, as with any raised masonry, the correct use of mortar and materials can be vitally important, especially in storm prone areas where high winds can test the structural soundness of a vertical structure on a regular basis.


Landscape Construction for Adding Vertical Dimension to Newport Beach CA Homes


Deviating to a more natural alternative, trees can be an excellent addition to any landscape to add to its vertical dimension. With beach homes, palm trees are a prime candidate, not only providing shade during the summer months but also acting as a wind breaker during storms to protect your home from strong winds.


Shrubs and Topiary

A great alternate to boundary walls, shrubs can be great for adding vertical dimension especially when coupled strategically with flat areas and broad walkways and driveways. They break the monotony of the concrete structure both in stature as well as design language, providing a more natural design to create contrast.

Topiaries can be a laborious but highly rewarding addition to any yard. The freedom to sculpt shrubs or trees into a striking shape that immediately draws the eye makes your landscape seem fuller and larger, making excellent use of your yard’s vertical dimension.