Using Granite in Landscape Construction

For both modern and traditional homes alike, granite provides a strong aesthetic and lifetime reliability. With advantages ranging from stain resistance to extreme resilience to weathering, the versatility of granite makes it a Dana Point landscape construction favorite. Here we’ll take a look at just some of its many uses and how it performs as a multi-purpose material.


Granite pavers are a favorite for patios for a number of reasons, not least of which is the variety of colors and visual variation. From mottled pinks and speckled whites to the attractive quartz sparkle of black granite, granite patios can be both modern and timeless in their aesthetic. Pavers cut from granite have the additional advantage of being able to maintain a comfortable temperature even in direct sunlight and won’t become a liability on hot summer days. They’re also easy to clean up after the odd messy barbecue, being dense and relatively impervious to liquids and oil. Red wine, oil and pet messes are not a concern for owners of patios paved with granite.

Poolside surrounds

Granite is a reliable material for poolside surrounds, offering lifetime service with little if any risk of pitting or weathering from exposure to the salt, chlorine or chemicals found in pool water - unlike other, softer rock. Granite is also resistant to salt and chemical staining and any residue can be quickly and easily washed away. Granite’s naturally textured non-slip surface puts it high on the list for poolside safety.

Vertical elements

As siding for vertical outdoor structures, both polished and unpolished granite provides a strong and attractive design element. Retaining walls and other vertical elements can be given a sleek modern air with polished black granite, a strong, rugged appearance with unrefined rock, and a unique character with variations of granite’s many exotic colors. Its density, high tolerance to heat and the fact that it is impervious to moisture makes granite an excellent veneer and construction material for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits without the danger of cracking or splitting open when exposed to intense heat.

Sculptures and decorative features

The surface of polished granite is itself something of an artwork. When incorporated into lawn sculpture, granite provides an attractive finish that can contain contrasting polished and unpolished facets. Granite is frequently used in capturing the stylistic curves of modern sculpture and, because of its resilience to weathering, makes it the perfect stone for fountains and other water features. Unprocessed granite boulders can provide interesting rounded or jagged additions to rock gardens, bulk for flowerbeds or simply as naturalistic focal points for outdoor areas.


Using Granite in Dana Point Landscape Construction


Granite gravel is a simple solution for walkways, driveways and a low maintenance alternative to the traditional lawn. Its variety of attractive colors, resistance to being crushed into powder from heavy traffic and its substantial weight set it apart from other gravel alternatives such as limestone and other softer rock. Gravel makes for a covering with excellent drainage capabilities, offering an alternative covering for areas prone to pooling, as well as for use between large paving stones and as a protective layer in flowerbeds. Finer gravel, or granite sand provides an excellent fill for Zen rock gardens, as its density makes it resistant to dispersion from wind and becoming compacted from rain and moisture.