Using Marble in Landscape Construction

Marble is a building material often associated with ancient sculpture and architecture, particularly that of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and has been consistently associated with opulence throughout history. A high content of calcite and dolomite crystals give marble its intricate veins and reflective sheen, making it perfect for adding detail and splendor to any setting. In this article we’ll take a look at how this gorgeous metamorphic rock can be used in modern day Dana Point landscape construction to create some stunning effects.

Using Marble in Landscape Construction Dana Point


For outdoor spaces of any kind, marble flooring is an excellent way to bring a touch of elegance and subtlety. For use as an outdoor floor cover, ensure a high-quality, slip resistant tile to overcome marble’s natural tendency to become slippery when wet. Marble can also be used in your outdoor spaces as a cover for accent walls. This is an effect most commonly seen in modern homes, bringing texture, character and detail to a space. A light colored marble can be used to emphasize and enhance spaciousness. This effect can be added to further by using marble with a smooth, reflective finish.

Outdoor Kitchens

Marble is a favorite for kitchen countertops, and this no different for outdoor kitchens. A marble countertop is sleek, easy to clean and durable. Although polished marble can be susceptible to scratches and etching where knives are used on the bare countertop, this can be lessened by using honed marble with a matte finish instead. Marble’s variety of colors makes it easy to match to the rest of an outdoor kitchen’s stonework. Bluestone, flagstone and slate are easily matched to a marble surface.


Marble can be used in the construction of freestanding structures such as pillars, arches and outdoor fireplaces, as well as in outdoor sculpture. In the case of structures, marble is most commonly used as cladding or veneer to make construction easier. Marble structures lend a stately feel to an outdoor space, while sculpture can be used to achieve both a modern or classical style. Marble is also commonly used in flights of ornate staircases and can be used in the steps leading up to your front door for a palatial effect.

Marble Gravel

Another form of marble that is frequently used in landscaping is marble gravel. Like other types of gravel, marble gravel can be used as a filler between and around walkway slabs, as a substitute for ground cover or in pots or flowerbeds to suppress the growth of weeds and encourage draining. What sets marble gravel apart from other types of gravel is its unique, bright and pearly appearance, making it perfect for Zen gardens and yards with a modern style. Available as either chips or pebbles, marble gravel is an excellent way to achieve the benefits of gravel while maintaining an elegant appearance. Marble gravel is also an excellent material for paths and walkways, providing a varied and somewhat reflective surface that really stands out under the right landscape lighting.