We Answer to You.

Our commitment to partnering with Orange County’s leading landscape architects is at the center of our business, our process, and everything we do.

Our first priority is to make you look good. We take your lead when it comes to all things design. We follow your directions. We execute your plans. But we also push back when we need to.

Whether it’s due to budget, time constraints, execution techniques, material limitations, or other concerns, if we feel that certain aspects of your design or plan won’t work, we’ll tell you – and we’ll tell you early. As partners, we run critical, in-depth analyses of your landscape design plans from the start to ensure that everything is executable and that all runs smoothly once construction begins.

We do all of this day in and day out. Because our main goal is to provide our architectural partners with high quality landscape construction that bring their plans to life with ease.

What We Do Best.

Our expertise encompasses the entire landscape construction process – beyond the craft of the actual construction. From budgeting and planning to project management and client relations, we make sure that everything is expertly executed and runs smoothly.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Landscape Construction Management

  • Material Procurement

  • Compliance and Monitoring

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Concrete Construction

  • Heavy Equipment Operation

  • Soil Compaction

  • Retaining Wall Construction

D.L. Hickman and Son, inc. is licensed and insured and remains in good standing with the CLCA.

D.L. Hickman & Son's Pelican Vista, CA, oceanfront project received the 2018 HGTV People’s Pick for best “Picturesque Landscapes. Read more

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